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Moonlit Night by SirMimsyPompingdon
Moonlit Night
(Trying to be more creative with picture titles *this is what I get for uploading so many versions ^^'*)

Hands down the most beautiful scene in Death Parade.

The soundtrack is also amazing...Everything about it is amazing...*crying now*
Frozen Memories by SirMimsyPompingdon
Frozen Memories
Ahhhhhhhh!!!! The animes this year have been tough!!!!! After mourning Tokyo Ghoul I finished Death Parade only to be punched in the face with even more feels!!!!!!!! tears 

This was my favourite scene from Death Parade, where Chiyuki is ice skating and *chokes* r-remembering her memories *I need a moment Sadness * Okay...I'll continue was probably the most beautifully animated thing I've seen and next to that INCREDIBLE soundtrack I was close to crying my face off (I didn't, but I was so close...*I was crying internally Cry forever *

The end of the anime gets worse though (noooo, don't make Decim...FELL!!! Death Parade gif Decim  -nonononononononononononono-)

It's actually quite hard to draw someone ice skating...I did several pictures before producing this one (I initially went foe a very difficult pose >3<)

Anyway...I've decided to include the video of this scene (If you scroll down you can see my inappropriate comment X'D) because there may be those of you who haven't seen the anime (P.S. There are some spoilers!!!) But I think people should witness this incredible animation:…;

I apologize about the quality of this camera and the current lighting just isn't up to standard >_<


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United Kingdom
It tis' I, the harbourer of much randomness, obscurity and banana hats...but mainly banana hats.

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